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About Us

QUENTIN ROW was born out of a passion for ones own unique and individualized  style. In order to realize our passion, we specifically select high-quality products, which are put together by highly experienced bespoke craftsmen. Our desire to share this style for men's clothing, has led us across all the regions of the globe in order to find the best craftsmen and suppliers. In a time of fast fashion, we strive for quality instead of mass-produced quantities.

Creating a classic style with a timeless design rather than just a passing trend, using expert craftsmen to hand tailor and trim, our collection is conceived with experience and a know-how which gives pride to the artisans who produce them and gives merit to our clients who wear them.

Quentin’s style has always been characterized by an equilibrium between elegance and boldness. This is why we’ve carried out an intensive search for the creation of all our new articles, so they can meet the demands today’s bespoke style.

Our investment in precision allows us to design and craft a garment within 2-weeks from concept, cutting, sewing to delivery of the garment.